Top 5 Indian brands that went from nay to yay with rebranding!

Apr 09, 2019
by Digitalabs

A brand`s journey consists of a lot of ups and downs. But, who doesn`t like grooming? Starting from the MAC beauty palette to the Armani suits, everyone secretly dreams of getting it someday to look revamped and stunning. If someone told you that they believe in inner beauty more than exterior beautification, sorry to break it to you, they are lying! Just like us human beings, even brand needs the HUDA Beauty and Estée Lauder time and again to the rock the show. When the clock of mundanity hits you like a hot ball of fire, there is a very little window gap through which a brand can escape, and that gap is known as `rebranding.`

Here are the top 5 Indian brands that went from Nay to Yay with this small window gap!


After the big curveball that was thrown at Nestle India from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that it contains monosodium glutamate above permissible limits, this powerful comeback swept everyone. The comeback connected to the audience by tweaking the emotional nerve and made us cry buckets about how it is so closely connected to our childhood. After losing over ₹ 1,000 crores in sales, Maggi made its way through everyone`s lives without even using a single celebrity.

Axis Bank

UTI bank became the big name in the banking sector in the year 2007 with the new name `Axis bank.` The main motive behind the entire rebranding is to make it a little more contemporary and relatable to the modern generation. With this rebranding, the net profits of the Axis Bank jumped from 77% to 403 crores, within a year. Along with the name, the logo was changed, and a cutting edge marketing program was undertaken to make sure it makes is mark among the customers.


After the breakup of Honda and Hero Cycles, the rebranding of Hero Moto Corp is one of the most successful rebranding stories India has ever seen. The successful union between these two was witnessed throughout generations, and thus the split of these two had the risk of backfiring. In the year 2011, the launch of the new Anthem by A.R. Rahman called 'Hum Mein Hai HERO' catapulted the already overflowing Indian emotions and received huge applause.


One of the biggest success stories of rebranding is `Hutch is now Vodafone` campaign back in 2007 where Vodafone acquired Hutchinson. The entire rebranding took place overnight starting from customer care centers to sales executive to SIM card packages, and everything turned into red which marks the brand color of Vodafone. There were advertisements everywhere making sure that nobody can actually miss it and Vodafone became the emerging telephone service provider.


Dabur has always portrayed Indian women in a very traditional way. To make a breakthrough and rebrand, the campaign `Brave and Beautiful` came up. It showed various women fighting with cancer in a 4 minute-ad campaign. The entire Idea behind this campaign stood for modern day women along with praising the strength of a woman. The video became an instant hit and got more than 3 million views on the very first day.

Rebranding needs a lot of research to tweak the right vibe to attract the right tribe. This means it never happens overnight, as one would always love to imagine a brand that makes them nostalgic and reminds them of old times. So the trick here is to rebuild the brand around its old fame and name, but, with a new twist to attract the millennial customers along with maintaining the old and loyal ones. While doing a rebranding, make sure that it does not hit your own back like a rocket and do your homework accordingly. If you are too lazy and you do not actually want to do homework, there are a lot of that can do the trick for you.


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