Top Mobile Application Development Platforms!

Jan 29, 2017
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Mobile development is having its moment and is more important to the enterprise than it ever was. Mobile Application Development organisations are increasingly on the search for Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that can support their needs in both current and future projects. It is an enticingly broad field with an array of capabilities and there are a plethora of app building platforms that create and develop apps without breaking the bank. Let us go through some of the best platforms available to us and see who each differs from the other.

  • SAP: SAP bet early on mobility compared to the other independent software vendors and have matured significantly since its initial release in 2010, providing a flexible application environment.It is an excellent choice for broad mobile initiative and works with close acquisition with Syclo, another biggie in the spectrum.
  • Syclo: Starting with field service and enterprise asset management, Syclo has over the years extended its reach to all popular mobile OSs. Its Agentry MAPD is excellent platform for B2E and B2C platforms and is great in supporting hybrid applications.
  • AppMachine: AppMachine is the tool that makes app-making easy and for anyone is the simplest format available and works on the principle of scanning your website and pulling in feeds of content and allows one iterate with what it calls ‘building blocks’. It is a simple and inexpensive way to MADP.
  • Bizness Apps: Build as the app maker for small businesses, Bizness Apps offers a simple way to amalgam existing content from websites and social media so that one can easily changes in real-time. Bizness Apps require no programming expertise and is great for businesses which requires an app as an extension to their business and the app is not central.
  • Kony: Kony, debuted in 2007, mainly focusses on consumer-facing application, along with B2E capabilities. Kony’s platform is a perfect fit for apps that require native features on different mobile devices.
  • Sencha: Sencha, with its web-centric take on mobile application is especially good fit for websites with web application and JavaScript development expertise and no so much native development expertise.
  • Dojo Mobile: Dojo Mobile provides a number of widgets that can be used to build web-based applications. Dojo is an open source development framework supported by the Dojo Foundation that is available both as a free download and commercially distributed as part of IBM’s WebSphere. It’s a good fit for organisations that need a lightweight, open source mobile Web framework that allows them to leverage experience with Dojo Toolkit.

MADPs come in all shapes and sizes, offering different features and taking different approaches to development and vary in a number of other ways. Not selecting the best mobile application development tools can end up costing a company for a long time to come. When selecting a mobile application development platform (MADP), developers should evaluate the type of applications they want to build, the mobile environments they plan to target and how much customization they need. The companies must determine the level of development expertise and resources available and the degree of control developers need over the final product.

Author Bio: Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. Contact him at


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