Top social media mistakes to avoid

Oct 31, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

Social media has been the latest trend and hype in each and everyone’s life and thus the touch of social media has brought new opportunities for almost every type of business. The right strategy adopted in social media makes you a front line runner. In order to expand the reach and get the desired motives true, it’s the detailed and deeper study of digital marketing, acknowledges you about the crest and trough of the practices followed. The notion to handling social media must go through educative change because if you possess thoughts that regularly posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter makes you a champion, let it flush out and get to know about the basics to follow to stand out of the crowd. The right platforms used and strategic maneuverability will escalate the pace of the company and productivity will touch the new heights.

Here we cater top mistakes from our experience so you can learn from them and ultimately avoid in your social media plans:

Quality over quantity

The studies reveal it’s not quantity but quality rules the content. It’s not worth to post 5 times different contents a day on Facebook, but long time observation yields more engagement if limited posts publish every day on social media. The quality of content hooks the reader and drive them to the source website and thus engagement turns into an ideal customer. The quality posts resonate best with the cognition of the readers. The users get more interest in top contents and scroll down easily if they sense any signs of the average feature. Followers get attracted to the pages and posts only when the theme is assorted in the concise and precise way.

Neglecting the response of followers

Every reaction on a post and page means more power to the business. Social media adopts a trend of appreciation, feedback and reciprocate the reactions. The relation between consumer and enterprise is dynamic, the great relationship develops with interaction. The comments dropped on every post needs a response, in a way the publisher marks the presence of individual and appreciate his engagement. The reviews and complaints quickly need a check so to avoid further damage. The sales get affected with positive and negative reviews, learn to resolve the issues and reply in a humble way that we care your query and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue. Believe in the fact, each and every response reflect on the scorecard, i.e. productivity of the company.

Presence on all social media platforms is not important

Most of the bigger companies make their presence on all social media platforms to drive more traffic to their website. But for smaller and mediocre brands with less budget and limited time, it’s not appropriate to get identified on every platform. But the effort should be in a direction to take a lesson from all the platforms and run particularly on one where you perform well. With limited time, you scatter your potential, but the best agenda that needs to be followed is making one platform your main target and create tailored content to gain popularity. One basic example of the multiple platforms is Snapchat and Instagram. When Instagram launched similar features to that of Snapchat, advanced innovations like better analytics, better discoverability made it rank high and more popular among people. So, take the advantage of that platform that you find best to work with and that can make your brand go up in limited time.

Get creative

There is no doubt content is king, but the use of images, videos, and infographics can bring more responses. The content should not be plain text but blended with visual information as well. The research reveals that 40 percent of people get better interaction with contents laced with colorful visuals. Facebook is not limited to contents only, but photos and video sharing options are there too. The correct image size has its own importance. For different posts, different photo size is needed. The photos should not be limited to landscape mode only, where required portrait mode should be used as well. Facebook allows 1,200*1,200 pixel image size for average posts.

Incline more on hashtags

Hashtags is the most important thing to include on Twitter that not only boosts the engagement but your business gets involved in related field and trends followed. Inserting right hashtags make the presence stretch to a wider audience, and the effect stays for longer time. The use of selected hashtags can help brand discover their true target audience. The following list increases and the influence of brand multiplies. Hashtags categorize your tweet and increase the discoverability to more users. These are generally keywords that people use to look for brands and business.

Select preferred audience

This might sound weird at some level, but taking the bigger picture in consideration, it’s a long-term benefit for your business. Identifying the right audience for the business is the first key to success. Especially on social media, when your target is to reach maximum people, try to prefer the audience regional and close to your enterprise. The events and meetings shared with social media followers will bring the expected result only when it’s shared with people really interested in it. Use the Facebook feature of targeting preferable audience and this will get you more precise outcome because the audience is relevant and known to the brand value.

With above methods applied, it’s guaranteed the social media strategy will gain a new value, and the brand will flourish at a greater speed. It’s good to take help of seo company in chennai to give your brand a good help. If you learn and follow the steps, the result will definitely improve in shorter time. When you’re planning social media strategy the views mentioned here must be taken into consideration. Gradually the marketing strategies would develop and brand will gain global reach.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary is a marketing consultant, with an extensive experience of over 10 years in the marketing domain. He specializes in digital marketing, marketing trends, and strategies and provides valuable insights for the Digitalabs team, an interactive digital agency of repute. Contact him at

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