Twitter enables pictures, GIFs and a lot more to re tweet. Find what you may use!

May 20, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

Gone are the days when retweets used to be bland and full of text. On the 6th of May, Twitter rolled out a new feature that enables users to attach GIFs and images in their retweets. In this day and age, Twitterati shouldn’t have to write “aww” to retweet a video of some cute kitten. Now, they can just use Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow making a cute face to convey the same.


Retweeting with GIFs and images is very easy. Choose the “retweet with comment” option and fire away!

There’s always a “but…”

Amazing as this feature may seem, it is only available on Android, iOS and Twitter’s mobile website. Desktop users will have to wait some more to experience the satisfaction of retweeting someone with a sassy GIF. Part of the problem seems to be the layout. The Verge quoted a Twitter spokeperson saying: “We found it was challenging for people to quickly understand all the content in a Retweet with media. This was due to the layout; two large tweets stacked on top of each other.” On desktop, this layout issue has still not been solved. Take a look below and see how different the same retweet looks on desktop and the mobile app:

C:UsersjohnsDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2019-05-20 at 12.14.55.jpeg

The retweet on the phone app

The same retweet displayed on desktop

Yet, sooner or later Twitter is bound to fix this layout problem and add the new feature to its desktop website.

What happens to twitter now?

The addition of this feature will ensure that twitter gets a lot more visual. Imagine Elon Musk retweeting with GIFs instead of just witty text – It seems that Twitter will become an even greater market for memes. Factoring in the celebrities' love for Twitter over other social media platforms, Twitterati is definitely in for some interesting times – celebrities using their own GIFs and exposure of their more humorous side.

C:UsersjohnsOneDriveDesktoprise and shine.jpeg

A marketer rising and shining

Gear up Marketers, it’s time to rise and shine on Twitter:

Brands are already exploiting this new feature on Twitter. Take a look at how Hulu and The Handmaid’s Tale utilized this feature as soon as it was released:

C:UsersjohnsDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2019-05-20 at 13.14.48.jpeg

For digital marketers, this update is blessing in disguise. Let’s take a minute out to ponder over the doors this update has opened.

Image building:

Brands like Wendy’s have established a distinct sarcastic brand tone and image. What they did with text has just been made easier by this new feature, as memes and hilarious GIFs can be utilized to retweet competitors, customers or anyone in general. Building an image is always easier with visual content and this feature has enhanced this process.

More exposure:

Visual content attracts more people than text-heavy tweets – everyone knows that. With apt and effective utilization of this feature, brands can attract a variety of customers. How? The secret lies in the gifs and memes. Let’s switch on our imagination mode – close your eyes and imagine Wendy’s retweeting a McDonalds’ tweet with this GIF of Dany.  

C:UsersjohnsDownloadsgiphy (1).gif

That was also my reaction after watching Season 8’s finale

Just imagine the explosion of exposure and hashtags. Indeed, this feature will become one of the strongest weapons in social media marketing campaigns.

Although this feature can help a brand gain exposure exponentially, it can be hard to keep the quality of GIFs, images and memes in check. In the digital age, one wrong image/GIF/meme by a brand can lead to their downfall. That’s where DigitaLabs comes in to provide the right content to build your brand’s image and tone on social media platforms like Twitter.


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