Various Types of Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Jul 17, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

Content writing and marketing is more than composing web journals, blogs and SEO articles. In case you’re simply getting started in content marketing, the primary thing you have to do is launch your blog and begin writing. At that point, when your blog is ready, have a go at tossing in another sort of content. Chances are you’ll quickly observe a difference – higher conversion rate, fresh traffic, targeted visitors, better SEO articles.

Content marketing has changed the way organisations collaborate with their clients. Since the ascent of social media, brands now need to come close and open up with their clients, if they need their loyalty and trust for their brand. Basically broadcasting advertising messages is not anymore the main strategy available and it’s not advisable if your client has attempted of incorporating you in their “social” circle. Today – it is vital to give out guidance, engaging data and information that is genuine and intriguing. While there are many organisations still changing in accordance with the idea and also the exertion required to make content since they can’t generally evaluate the ROI on the procedure, here are a few ways to create content in order to drive more traffic to your website in contemporary times:


An infographic is the introduction of data or information visually. Its name explains it the best -info + graphic. Infographics get shared more, viewed more, and cherished more than most other content sorts. They are an intense approach to get your information out there in a great visual organisation. One survey found that infographics were preferred and shared via social media up to three times more regularly than other content and that is its viral potential.


Memes are the latest type of content that is not only viral but are hilarious! The greatest benefit of the meme is humour. People always tend to seek things they can laugh at, relate to or tag their friends and family to share a laughter. It generally does not require pro graphic skills. There are websites that allow adding quotes and content to already popular meme images and graphics, like Meme Generator and Quick Meme. Memes become viral due to pure content as it tickles your laughter bone. Too much of anything is bad, and thus while generating meme one should not overuse or overgenerate memes, as the brand message might get lost in the process, which may have otherwise results.


There are several types of videos that can communicate messages in a certain way which helps to gain more traffic. A good video can be persuasive and impactful if a good strategy is undertaken to get it done. A video is not only about the graphics or moving image, what makes a video complete is its content. Making videos might not come as something cheap, but every penny is worth as a good and impactful; the video will attract more traffic than anything else.


A guide is a long and detailed content, brought together. Considering an epic blog entry, it is seen that it goes past the length, style, and approach of a standard blog entry. A good piece of guide article have more visual energy and are any longer than blog articles.

Composing a guide requires a decent author, a great planner, and a smart thought. The content writer needs to create the best level content. The planner has to know how to show that content in an alluring way. What’s more, the thought must be something that your audience wants to see. Guides can be a useful for reaping email addresses: “I’ll give you this marvellous guide if you register your email address.”

A guide needs to look great. Ensure you enrol the administrations of a fit creator and in addition an author. Readability has as much to do with design and presentation as it does with extraordinary written work style.

Book reviews

A book review is a basic discussion of a book in addition to your thought on it. You prescribe great ones, study not very great ones, and offer the thought and value that you gather from them. Book reviews are awesome in light of the fact that they help to position you as an idea pioneer.

A book reviews can be as confused or as straightforward as you need and here is a recommended short-and-straightforward 7-point arrange:

  • Present the book: 1-5 sentences.
  • Present the author: 1-5 sentences.
  • Abridge the book’s real focuses: 1-3 sentences for every point.
  • Summarise what you enjoyed in the book: 1-5 sentences.
  • Summarise what you didn’t like about the book: 1-5 sentences.
  • Prescribe it (or not) to your readers: 1-3 sentences.
  • Give a suggestion to take action: Link to the book.

Book review content works best on the off chance that you have a readership that is slanted to pursue books. Book reviews are particularly useful for thought initiative in case you’re ready to survey new releases or pre-releases s or interview the author.

Giving great free content out can build a firmly associated group of the community who are loyal to your brand and image, which they have liked so far. For any assistance, there are a lot of digital marketing companies in India. By giving your client group esteemed content for following you, they have the motivation to put the time in your brand. In the event that you distribute content at a consistent pace, followers effectively ‘check-in’ with your brand. Quality content conveyed all the time makes your brand an expert regarding your forte. Being an expert is imperative as it constructs trust and trust is something that clients settle on purchasing decisions on.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary is a marketing consultant, with an extensive experience of over 10 years in the marketing domain. He specialises in digital marketing, marketing trends and strategies and provides valuable insights for the Digitalabs team, an interactive digital agency of repute. Contact him at

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